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Successful Site Management Course through CRRA RES201 is being offered in September!

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Successful Site Management

2017 REIC Association of the Year Award – Calgary Residential Rental Association

For many years, the Calgary Residential Rental Association (CRRA) has been hosting the RES201 – Successful Site Management courses in Calgary and supporting our residential management program.  The fact that they have been running the course is largely due to the fact that their audience is the target demographic for interest in this course.  In 2016, the Calgary REIC Board connected with CRRA, to approach this educational opportunity on a more collaborative basis and we agreed to cross-promote their education and our Ethics course, and encourage the achievement of the ARM® designation.  In recognition of their support to REIC the CRRA was awarded the Association of the Year Award at the 2017 REIC Pursuit of Excellence Awards Gala.

2016 Chapter Initiative of the Year Award – REIC Calgary Chapter
Calgary Chapter has been struggling with some membership attrition over the past few years.  The Board decided to not only formalize and articulate the scholarship availability with funds earmarked for that purpose, but also saw an opportunity to help its current Members.  The Board decided that a Membership Dues Subsidy could also be made available to Members out of the same funds that have been set aside. 
Two policies were subsequently drafted and passed; one for Scholarships and the other for Dues Subsidies.  In recognition of this ingenuity, the REIC Calgary Chapter was awarded the Chapter Initiative of the Year Award at the 2017 REIC National Pursuit of Excellence Awards Gala.  

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