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REIC2340 - Mortgage Lending for Residential Housing

Hazards, red flags, and an ever-changing marketplace are just a few of the challenges facing today's mortgage lending industry. This course is designed to hone lending skills and strengthen lending practices. Risk management theory and risk assessment are detailed to sharpen your competitiveness through a series of hands-on and real-life case scenarios. This course has been attended by over 4000 mortgage lenders representing over 200 institutions in the mortgage industry across Canada.

Course Content

  • Understanding the nature of mortgage risk management
  • The importance of quality mortgage lending
  • Thee model of risk assessment
  • Reducing delinquencies
  • Assessing risk presented by the borrower
  • Make informed decisions on the degree of security provided by the property
  • Understanding the impact of market conditions on mortgage lending risk
  • Making confident risk assessment decisions regarding red flags, hazards, positive loan features and safeguards
  • Increasing productivity
  • Qualifying self-employed borrowers
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